What Kit Do You Need To Train For A Triathlon?

Here we have categorised the kit into sections based on their level of necessity.
You can spend a small fortune on triathlon kit but you can also do it on a budget

Essential Kit – This section is the minimal requirements to be able to participate in the sport.
Non-essential Kit – Here you will find the kit that is useful and could be useful to you but is not required.
Winter Kit – This section will contain the kit that would benefit you for winter training.

Essential Kit

Here is a list of the bare essentials that you will need for training.

Swimming (pool)
▢ Costume/shorts
▢ Goggles

▢ Helmet
▢ Bicycle
▢ Spare inner tube
▢ Bike pump
▢ Tyre levers
▢ Bike multi tool
▢ Front and rear lights
▢ Helmet
▢ Suitable clothing

▢ Trainers
▢ suitable clothing

All Sports
▢ Water Bottle

Activity Trackers and Fitness Watches

When it comes to technology everybody has there own opinion on if it is needed, we believe that if used correctly technology can be an asset to your training, providing data that can be reviewed and looked back at to track your progress. Most data can also be shared on social sites like Strava for you to compare your results against others and have friendly competitions with each other. we are not going to go into details about what tracker/watch you should purchase but if would like assistance please speak to a coach or contact us and we will assist you in finding the device that will benefit you. There is, however, for the triathlete on a budget, the ability to track running and cycling using a smart phone and swimming can be entered manually by remembering the distance swam in the pool.

Non-essential Kit

When it comes to non-essential kit the best advice is don’t buy it if you don’t need it, just because “Bob” has a bike for every day of the week that doesn’t mean that you will need to do the same. if you are struggling to decide what you need or what you think you need have a chat with one of our coaches and they will offer advice based on your training and budget.

▢ Flippers
▢ Pull buoy
▢ Float
▢ snorkel
▢ Swim cap

Swimming (open-water)
▢ Wet suit/Safety buoy
▢ Swim cap

▢ Gloves
▢ Glasses
▢ Cycling shoes and clip-in pedals
▢Cycling bib/shorts
▢ Cycling Jersey
▢ Bike computer

▢ Activity Tracker (see Above)
▢ Waist bag/phone holder

Winter Kit

▢ Overshoes
▢ Thermal layers
▢ Cycling leggings
▢ Cycling hat
▢ Turbo trainer (indoor cycling)

▢ Hat & Gloves
▢ Leggings / joggers
▢ Jumper/Coat

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