We are pleased to announce we are now able to accept online payments for club training via Clubspark

If you have any issues please use the Contact Us page or speak to a member of the committee and we will resolve any issues you may have.

How To Use The Portal

Step One – Click HERE or use the link above to head over to the portal landing page.

Step Two – Click the “Training” link at the top of the page, this will take you to a page showing what coaching the club offers and when it is next available.

Step Three – Find the session you would like to pay for a blue rectangle will appear around the selected session then click on it to take you to the details page.

You have the option here to pay per session or in blocks

Step Four – If you have not already done so the site will ask you to sign in or register.

Step Five – Select who is participating if you have a guest participating click the add player and enter there details then continue and select “Pay Now”

Step Six – If requested enter the verification code that has been sent via text message then enter payment details.

Step Seven – Click Pay £x.xx and your payment will have been made and your place booked.

If you require any assistance please contact the club via FACEBOOK or fill out the form HERE 

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