Telford Tri club are adhering to the BTF guidance for club training, these are the relevant passages.

The following are some general principles which all clubs, club coaches and members should consider before taking part in any group activity.

If you have had a fever, persistent dry cough or a loss of taste or smell please do not attend training, NHS advice is to get a covid-19 test
Here is a link to the NHS website
– Members should consider the ‘aerosol effect’ in training.
– Aerobic activity such as cycling will cause a person to expel air and therefore droplets to a distance of up to 20 metres behind them.
– If you cannot maintain this, you should think about how safe it is to cycle with another person.
– Further advice is to keep cycle rides local, to a known route and let others know your route in case of emergencies. This will reduce the likelihood of needing the use of valuable emergency services.
– Members should aim to run alongside one another wherever possible.
– This carries slightly less aerosol risk but wind direction is an important factor to consider, are the expelled droplets and moisture likely to be blown across onto another person?

Here is a pre session health questionnaire that is advisable to fill out and follow any advice suggested


Please read the full guide below for details.