Luke Mills

I started out my journey as a runner then had my first go at a triathlon in 2012, for the next few years I just did Sprint & Olympic distance events. By 2017 I had started to improve & entered my first middle distance triathlon, The Cotswolds, which was my biggest race to date. Am training for Outlaw in 2019 which is a full distance triathlon. My favourite event was Storm The Fort, a long distance duathlon that tested me both physically & mentally!
In 2018 I became Club Chairman & a Triathlon Coach. Am very committed to the club and i am passionate about seeing people succeed in their goals

Andy White
Vice Chair/Kit Officer

My 1st triathlon was in 1996.
I don't like swimming.
Best race ever was in 1997, London Triathlon Olympic distance which I completed in 2hrs 24mins.
Favourite distance is super sprint because it doesn't take very long!
I also like cake.

Sylvia Figueiredo

I didn’t discover the joys of sport until I was almost 40 when I ran my first half marathon. I was immediately hooked, and I haven’t looked back! After five years of running, I slowly started to discover the joys of triathlon and a whole new world opened up to me. Learning to swim and riding a road bike were without doubt challenging, but with the support and encouragement from the Telford Triathlon Club, I completed my first triathlon, Ironman 70.3 Bintan in August 2018. I’m still learning, and it’s still challenging, but I still enjoy every swim, ride and run.

Mark Halstead
Members/Welfare Officer

I got into Triathlons when a friend said I was too old for rugby and should look at triathlons. I accepted the challenge. Although at the time I could not swim, did not own a road bike and could not run for more than 20 mins. I did my first tri, which was Ludlow Sprint in 2015. Since then I have done four sprints, been part of a relay team and finished two middle distances. I am proud to be part of Telford Tri Club and to see how we have grown. From the beginning which was a conversation over a pint, to a very active club. I enjoy the sport, and the mix of people it brings together.

I look forward to seeing you at the club.

Sally Williams
Welfare Officer

I have always been a keen runner and swimmer, long distance is my thing particularly with running, I have run across Wales and a couple of ultra runs in the past. When I was young, I swam in clubs and I soon learn to love open water as I was a keen water skier. I got my first bike as an adult after a horse riding accident left me unable to run for a while. It wasn’t long then until I soon learnt about triathlons and quite early into learning about the sport I realised that Ironman was for me. When it comes to Welfare, I have worked for the last ten years in Child Protection. I am happy to help with any problems or concerns people may face.

Jude Ingram
Publicity Officer
David Harley

Triathlon entered my consciousness back in 2007, coincidentally, when I fell out of love with the gym and running.

Though in all honesty, it was probably the kudos that drew me in.

I could swim reasonably well, cycle (albeit mostly downhill and on a mountain bike) and I could run, but I’d never contemplated putting them together.

12 years later I’m training for my second iron distance event and triathlon has taken over my life, I love it.

There have been some ups and down on the way, most significantly rupturing an Achilles tendon back in 2013.

I initially found my way back to sport and exercise through running but I really wanted to get back into triathlon. What was lacking was a club that was nearby but more importantly a club that I wanted to join.

Thank goodness for conversations over beer and great ideas. Autumn 2016 Telford Triathlon Club, albeit in embryonic form was born.

Telford Triathlon Club has played a major part in helping rekindle my triathlon mojo and I’m proud to be part of it.

None of this, of course, would be possible for me without a supportive family, and for that I’m thankful.

Vicky McGhee
Safety Officer
Paul Firmstone
Event Officer