Luke Mills
I started out my journey as a runner then had my first go at a triathlon in 2012, for the next few years I just did Sprint & Olympic distance events. By 2017 I had started to improve & entered my first middle distance triathlon, The Cotswolds, which was my biggest race to date. Am training for Outlaw in 2019 which is a full distance triathlon. My favourite event was Storm The Fort, a long distance duathlon that tested me both physically & mentally!
In 2018 I joined the club committee & became a Triathlon Coach. Am very committed to the club and I am passionate about seeing people succeed in their goals.
Sylvia Figueiredo

I didn’t discover the joys of sport until I was almost 40 when I ran my first half marathon. I was immediately hooked, and I haven’t looked back! After five years of running, I slowly started to discover the joys of triathlon and a whole new world opened up to me. Learning to swim and riding a road bike were without doubt challenging, but with the support and encouragement from the Telford Triathlon Club, I completed my first triathlon, Ironman 70.3 Bintan in August 2018. I’m still learning, and it’s still challenging, but I still enjoy every swim, ride and run.

David Harley

Triathlon entered my consciousness back in 2007, coincidentally, when I fell out of love with the gym and running.Though in all honesty, it was probably the kudos that drew me in.I could swim reasonably well, cycle (albeit mostly downhill and on a mountain bike) and I could run, but I’d never contemplated putting them together.12 years later I’m training for my second iron distance event and triathlon has taken over my life, I love it.There have been some ups and down on the way, most significantly rupturing an Achilles tendon back in 2013.I initially found my way back to sport and exercise through running but I really wanted to get back into triathlon. What was lacking was a club that was nearby but more importantly a club that I wanted to join.Thank goodness for conversations over beer and great ideas. Autumn 2016 Telford Triathlon Club, albeit in embryonic form was born.Telford Triathlon Club has played a major part in helping rekindle my triathlon mojo and I’m proud to be part of it.None of this, of course, would be possible for me without a supportive family, and for that I’m thankful.

Sally Williams
Welfare Officer
I have always been a keen runner and swimmer, long distance is my thing particularly with running, I have run across Wales and a couple of ultra runs in the past. When I was young, I swam in clubs and I soon learn to love open water as I was a keen water skier. I got my first bike as an adult after a horse riding accident left me unable to run for a while. It wasn’t long then until I soon learnt about triathlons and quite early into learning about the sport I realised that Ironman was for me. When it comes to Welfare, I have worked for the last ten years in Child Protection. I am happy to help with any problems or concerns people may face.

Jude Ingram
Publicity Officer
Shane Sissons
Web Support Officer

I am one of the Web Support Officers for Telford Triathlon Club. I focus on Clubspark and the main website (your currently looking at it). during the day I am a student designer and have worked on some weird and wonderful projects in the past.

I join the club a year ago when I decided I wanted to aim at becoming an Ironman as part of my weight loss goals. 

It doesn't matter if your a couch potato or a 10 time ironman Telford triathlon will have a place for you