This is the planned warm-up routine for track sessions, it can also be used to warm-up before race events and your own training.
Warming up before training and races is key to preventin injury and enabling you to achieve your best.

Dynamic Stretching
Dynamic stretching is the act of stretching the muscles by using a combination of movements that will mimic the way your muscles will be used when you start your activity, this warm-up focuses on dynamic stretching.

Injury prevention 
The aim of a warm-up is to ready your body for the main exercise that is to follow in a controlled manner to reduce the stress across your body that would be exerted at the beginning of a race or training set, by getting your body prepared for the main exercise you will help prevent injuries to the musculoskeletal system.

By performing a warm-up you are allowing your body to acchieve its idea temperature and increasing blood flow to your muscles before your main exercise begins, the first 10-15 minutes of running is usually the hardest as your body begins to adjust to the stresses, one benefit of the warm-up is to get this hard part out of the way before the main set or race so that you can be at optimal performance from the start.

The Warm-up – Dynamic Stretching
5-min light aerobic (2 laps of track)

Arm swings10 Forwards10 Backwards
Leg swings10 Left10 Right
Forward lunge10 Left 10 Right
Side lunge10 Left 10 Right
Knee twist10 Left 10 Right
Toe raise10 Left 10 Right
Calf raise10 Left 10 Right

Complete 2 sets of the above table.

15m distance (cones on track) for the next set
Toe flicks left & right
High knee left
High knee right
Combo Left
Combo Right

Downloadable Cue Sheets
Here is a cue sheet that can be printed or saved digitally for you to use, great to give you a quick reminder when your warming up.
Colour and Black & white versions are available for download.
Right click on the image then “Save image as…”

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