Here is Shane’s experience coming into triathlons with no previous knowledge of the sport and his advice looking back, it is a great guide to help any newcomer into the sport.

Before I started competing in triathlons I was very anxious; I thought that these events were for professional athletes with brand sponsorships. I didn’t feel like they would have been inclusive of a beginner that had no gear and no idea.

Why I started competing in triathlons
One year ago I decided to change my lifestyle and started exercising after having a sedentary lifestyle for many years (full story here), I began by swimming on a daily basis, and by chance, I happened to come across triathlons.
I decided to pursue triathlons because of its infamous IRONMAN events; I knew the sport had an extremely tough end goal I could aim to achieve in the future.

How to get started – Join a club 
I got started by asking a fellow triathlete “how do I get started?”, The advice was to join Telford Triathlon Club. Joining a club was the best advice I could have been given.
Telford Triathlon Club has members from beginners to professional athletes, and with the combined experience of the members, there is an answer to any concern or question you may have and coached training sessions to improve your ability.
There are hundreds of clubs all over the UK, my advice to you is to join a local club if there are no local clubs where you live there are online clubs available.

What kit do I need?
When I started training I had three items; goggles, shorts and trainers. I did shortly after starting realized I needed a bike and helmet and that there are the main four items you need to start training (swimming costume for women). You don’t need to go out and spend hundreds on kit that you see everybody else using. What I do is while training and competing I start to notice items that would benefit me I then add these items to a list to purchase (my Amazon wish list) everybody will have a different kit they use, and you will build this up over time.
We have created Beginners Guide To Triathlon Kit this details all of the kit that you will need and may require in the future, joining a club will be a great help as you can speak to veteran triathletes and coaches and get advice on items you may think you need.

Where do I find events – Go Tri
My first event was a Go Tri at Cannock leisure centre and since then I have competed in a Go Tri Duathlon, the Go Tri events are designed for beginners with the organizers creating a welcoming environment. The Go Tri website has more information about upcoming events.

Final thoughts
We hope that this guide has offered you help to start your triathlon journey, if you would like any more information why not contact us at Telford Triathlon Club.

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